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My journey

I'm currently a master's student in computer science at UC San Diego. I love open source, coding, orange juice, and hiking.

UC San Diego

September 2023 - Present

M.S. in Computer Science

The scenery in San Diego is beautiful. I am taking courses in operating systems, distributed computing, software engineering, etc. here. I read papers, write code, eat delicious food, and go to the beach. It is a pleasant journey.


June 2024

Software Development Engineer Intern

Incoming SDE Intern. I will be in the infra team at San Jose. Very much looking forward to it!

Mogan (GNU TeXmacs)

June 2023 - Present

Open source contributor

Mogan is a distribution of GNU TeXmacs. I participated in maintaining the drawing and geometry functions and the development of the Wasm version. I will continue to contribute to open source. I use C++ and scheme for development. You can see my commits at here.


June 2022 - August 2022

Software Development Engineer Intern

I work in the multimedia team of the Lark department, which works on video calls, screenshots, screen recordings, etc. I fixed 10+ bugs in screenshots and participated in splitting the screenshot process from the main process. I also participated in the development of a javascript automated testing framework. I used C++ to develop, the project is based on the chromium code base.

University of Science and Technology of China

Sept 2019 - June 2023

B.S. in Computer Science

I spent 4 fulfilling and enjoyable years here. Made many friends. Exchanges with outstanding professors in various disciplines have enriched my experience. Studying in the library day and night enriched my knowledge. This place gave me a love for learning and life.

C++ ... and others

Throughout my development career, C++ has been my favorite language. I read a lot of books and blogs to learn it. I'm learning the latest C++20 standard. In addition, I am also familiar with Haskell, Lisp, Python, Rust, Java, Typescript and other languages. Learning programming languages is fun for me.

I have read these books about C++: A Tour of C++, The C++ Programming Language, The Design and Evolution of C++, C++ Concurrency in Action, C++ Primer, Effective Modern C++, Effective C++, Professional C++, etc. And I recommend you to read these great books!

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